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Our Philosophy

Since we’ve begun this adventure we have been clear about the products we offer our clients. On the one hand we want them to enjoy creamy personalized ice cream up to the latest standards of the industry without leaving behind traditional methods. On the other hand, we wanted to offer a product that was healthy and fresh, demonstration that ice cream can be, with out a doubt, part of a balanced diet.
To reach this objective, our philosophy is based on three pillars: constant practical work, continuous investigation and direct contact with our clients, who we are grateful for. We sincerely appreciate their continuous suggestions.

Carlo Guerriero, Our Founder

Carlo Guerriero,
Our Founder


I was born in San Donà di Piave, in the metropolitan area of Venice. This is a territory that together with other city governments from the Portagruarese area constitutes the eastern part of Venice. From there, after a few years, I moved together with my family to the province of Rimini, the home of modern Italian Gelato. Both cities have influenced, education, ideas and thinking.
I have always wanted to live together with nature and for this reason I decided to study it. First I graduated in Industrial Chemistry at the university of Bologna and later in Environmental Science in Ravenna (university of Bologna). Then I moved to Cádiz with the idea of beginning the project of La Cremeria while doing a Master’s in Biomedicine and Course in Food and Health at the University of Cádiz.
Here I met Carmen Murga, also an interregnal part of the creation and development of La Cremería. She brought her experience as an employee with the big name brands in Italian textiles to the interior design and decoration of our ice cream shop. She also took on the responsibility of training our employees who attend to your needs with their best smiles.
We want to surprise you year after year because we firmly believe one never stops learning.

“My specialty is consistency in work with a touch of art, love and organization!”